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WEGANOOL is a 100% plant based fabric, a sustainable wool alternative made of Calotropis fibres blended with regenerative organic cotton. The character and the hollow structure of the Calotropis fibres is more similar to the high-quality wool than any other plant fibres therefore we gave it a nickname “vegan cashmere” since it is 100 % plant based and chemical free. WEGANOOL is wild foraged and hand-processed with the utmost care to maintain the delicate structure of the fiber. Extraction and further processing does not involve any harmful chemicals substances, safe for workers, and the environment alike. WEGANOOL production is completely waste-free, in turn, it creates an extremely valuable by-product: natural fertilizer and insect repellent called ARKA.

What is the difference between cashmere, merino wool and WEGANOOL? (hand feel, pilling etc)?

For the look and feel WEGANOOL stands out among other natural hollow fabrics- it’s light in weight, soft and regulates body temperature according to outside weather. The main character of the vegan wool fibre comes from a unique hollow cellulose structure that is only 10-20 microns in diameter. (merino wool fibres are 21-24 microns in diameter, cashmere 14-15 microns on average). The wool protein fibres are made of scales which in turn causes skin irritation and allergies. WEGANOOL fibres are like smooth veins of the plant which do not have scales as a result the fabrics feel softer than any other protein fibre. WEGANOOL does not irritate the skin and is also antimicrobial in nature. WEGANOOL cellulose fibres emphasize the breathability and easy maintenance of the fabric.

What are the important characters of WEGANOOL fabrics?

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Cruelty free and chemical free
  • Warm as wool
  • Maintains body temperature
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Easy washing care

How much does WEGANOOL cost?

WEGANOOL is an innovative premium product that is produced sustainable and in a socially responsible manner. Please reach out for the quotation.

Where can I buy WEGANOOL?

We are currently offering PREORDER on the satin woven 90GSM quality of WEGANOOL undyed, subject to a minimum quantity of 100 linear meters. Feel free to reach out our distributor in Europe www.weganool.com

Do you plan to offer more varieties of WEGANOOL?

In early 2021, we are expecting to offer knit versions of WEGANOOL, along with thicker woven. Yarns are expected to be available in later 2021

Is #WEGANOOL available commercially?

We are welcoming a lot of inquiries from designers and companies at this stage. So far, the only commercially available products are offered by Infantium Victoria, Germany

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I would like to become a distributor!

We are welcoming new partnerships. Please reach out to info@faborg.in

I am interested in the swatch of WEGANOOL. How do I proceed?

Due to the high amount of inquiries of swatches, we are currently providing those to meet our MOQ. In early 2021 we would be able to provide more samples and variations.

Do you have stock colours?

No, we don’t keep natural dyed vegan wool in stock. Vegan wool natural dye intake is similar to other cellulose fibres. We have developed all basic shades with 180gsm jersey cotton fabric. Please check our website www.naturaldyehouse.com for colours. Swatches are available.

How can we get the swatches?

Please send your request on info@faborg.in. We will share updated information on availability. Courier/shipping charges are taken care of by the customer.