Frequently asked questions

Why the fabric is called VEGAN WOOL?

The character and the structure of the fibre is similar to the wool than any other plant fibres therefore name “VEGAN WOOL” aligns the most since it is 100 % plant based.

What is your MOQ (minimum order quantities) and lead time?

MOQ for sample yarn development- 10 kg, lead time 30 days MOQ for yarn production- 150 kg, lead time 60 days MOQ for jersey fabric sampling with sample yarn - 10 kg MOQ for fleece sample - 30 kg, lead time up to 60 days MOQ for woven fabric with sample yarn- 100m, for certain constructions lead time 21 days Deskloom 20x100 cm is possible

Can you do sample deskloom before production?

With available yarn, the lead time for deskloom with simple construction takes 15-30 days. Fabric samples with customised yarn would take 30+ days depending on the complexity of the technical requirements.

What fabric constructions can be done with vegan wool yarn?

Basic woven and knit constructions (up to 30s yarn) can be custimized from yarn making stage. Please provice us a fabric sample with desigred contruction.

Do you have stock colours?

No, we don’t keep natural dyed vegan wool in stokk. Vegan wool natural dye intake is similar to other cellulose fibres. We have developed all basic shades with 180gsm jersey cotton fabric. Please check our website for colours. Swatches are available. With any textile the dye intake depends on the construction and thickness of the fabric. We shall do sampling on the final product before going ahead for the production.

What is the difference between cashmere, merino wool and VEGAN WOOL? (handfeel, pilling etc)?

For the look and feel VEGAN WOOL stands out among other natural hollow fabrics- it’s light in weight, soft and regulates body temperature according to outside weather. The main character of the vegan wool fibre comes from unique hollow cellulose structure that is only 10-20 microns in diameter. (merino wool fibres are 21-24 microns in diameter, cashmere 14-15 microns on average) The wool protein fibres are made of scales which in turn causes skin irritation and allergies. VEGAN WOOL fibres are like smooth veins of the plant which does not have scales as a result the fabrics feel more softer than any other protein fibre. Vegan wool does not irritate the skin and is also antimicrobial in nature. VEGAN WOOL blend with other natural cellulose fibres emphasise the breathability and easy maintenance of the fabric.

What blends are available?

Available blend- 30% VEGAN WOOL with 70% organic cotton. Can we do higher blend? -Yes, it's possible.

How can I identify the hollowness in the fibre?

Through scanning electron microscope test.

What is the wash and care instruction for natural dyed vegan wool fabrics?

You can find care instructions on following page:

Are you GOTS certified?

Our fibre is not listed with any of the certifying agencies. Our aim is not to create a corporation, instead decentralised network which helps even the smaller farmers to go organic. Through our organic farming solutions we are aiming to become pioneers of our pioneer plant Calotropis and prove that ethical fabric making from it can be highly beneficial to the land and society.

How can we get the swatches?

Please send your request on We will share updated informaton on availability. Courier/shipping charges are taken care by the customer.

What are the important characters of VEGAN WOOL fabrics?

It is as warm as wool Absorbs and releases moisture quickly Regulates body temperature Has antimicrobial properties against most common pathogens Does not shrink with every wash like wool fibres 100% biodegradable WEGANOOL is generally easier to maintain than protein based wool fabrics

What is the coulour fastness of natural dyes?

All of our natural dyes are tested and passed standard colour fastness of 3-5

Do you sell fibres?

Unfortunately at this moment, we do not sell fibers since the quantities are still low and a lot of know-how is involved in the yarn making process. But please don't hesitate to get back to us maybe in a year. We are working with the government of India in scaling up the project.

What can be purchased from FABORG?

We are sustainable zero-waste fabric manufacturing company. We custom-make vegan wool fabrics and yarn from the scratch accorging to the requirement.

What about scalability? Can you provide big quantities?

The R&D of WEGANOOL fibers started in 2017 and today it's available in limited quantities on the market. At the same time with our patented manufacturing process, we are also able to create a very effective bio-fertilizer and -insect repellent called ARKA from the same plant. Arka is being recognized by local communities and the Agricultural Ministry of India as a sustainable and scalable solution to replace chemical pesticides in agriculture. The plant is available in rural areas in plenty and we are scaling up the production according to the requirements.

What yarn counts are available?

Currently, we make high and low twist yarns up to 30s count.

Do you sell end products?

We are specialized fabric manufacturing, hence we don't make or sell end-products, but can connect with experienced end-product manufacturers.

What is the difference between sample and production yarn?

Production yarn strenght, eveness and durability is higher.

Can we visit your unit?

Yes. Please book your appoitment via email or WhatsApp +919787123018


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