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When we say our production is sustainable til ultimate disposal - we really mean it! Hundreds of years ago, before the arrival of petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides Calotropis was a highly valued plant widely used by farmers all over India. Traces of old literature supporting this are still accessible and it is backed up by many researchers from India. 


After extensively researching various solutions, we zeroed in on the Calotropis plant & many other natural other herbs to create a cost-effective solution: ARKA, a 100% natural fertilizer & insect repellent. ARKA enables organic farmers to maximize their yield by providing quality input that improves the immunity & cell division of the plants. It is an effective technology that can be used for pest & disease management in the crops.

ARKA has an added advantage to any other multi-purpose bio solution in the market today- it has a proven track record of long-lasting effect in repelling mosquitoes, resulting in a growing number of hotels, restaurants, and resorts regularly purchasing ARKA as a mosquito repellent.

Since ARKA is completely organic, produced without the use of chemicals, it greatly improves the soil structure and stimulates the growth of beneficial organisms in the soil.



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Auroville Farmer

Best natural solution for boosting
the growth and the yield of my
crops. The difference from
previous year can be seen with the
naked eye.



Executive Chef @
Coromandel Cafe

Very happy to have an effective
organic mosquito repellent
solution at work and at home.
100% worth investment!



Organic Cotton Farmer

Comparing to chemical cotton
farmers next to my field, I had
much healthier plants that gave
10% more yield.



Trials for bio-fertilizer and insect repellent started in September 2017 in and around Auroville. Since then, liquid formula has been fine-tuned and improved with additional natural plant materials and finalized as a commercially viable product in September 2019.

Organic Tomatoes

Tomato, FABORG, Sept 2017

ARKA applied to the tomato plant on the left every 15 days. Observation: Results seen on the picture, taken on the 6th week.


Brinjal, Farmer: Ramanan (Auroville), March 2018

ARKA extraction applied on the brinjal roots. Observation: prevented wilt infection and boosted the immunity of the plant. The brinjal was shiny, big and plants yielded longer compared to the plot next to it.


Cotton, Farmer: Sivakumar (close to Auroville), Sept 2018

15 liters of ARKA was applied on a 3 acre farm, 4 times in the crop cycle with 15 days interval. Observation: repelled insects, including green worms. Crops gave higher yield (around 10%) compared to the neighboring cotton farmer who cultivated the same Suvin cotton and used pesticides instead.


Coconut tree, Farmer: Arumugan (Kuilapalayam)

5 litres of ARKA was applied on a 3 acre coconut farm every 15 days for 3 months. Observation: Immediate recovery from scale-insects, melay-bugs and black beetles. General health improved.


Banana, Farmer: Shivaji, (Nine Palms, Auroville)h 2018

3 litres of ARKA was applied on 1 acre banana plantation every 15 days for 3 months. Observation: prevented attack of the stem insects and yield was increased significantly.


Cashew, 22 farmers, (in and around Auroville) March 2020

ARKA was used on 130 acres on average 3-5 litres/acre. Observation: bigger yield compared to cashews sprayed with chemical pesticides.

Various other crops like watermelon, muskmelon, mango, jack-fruit, lemon, papaya, turkey berry, pineapple, pumpkin, urad dal, and different gourds have been tested.

In December 2019, Kottakuppam Panchayat has been successfully using ARKA for a mosquito eradication program and disinfecting the area at the same time (pictures below).

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-15 at

By replacing existing toxic pesticides with significantly cheaper ARKA- farmers, service industries and government entities would have a much better ecologically and economically viable choice.

ARKA is a plant extract that is not only a bio insect repellent but also an organic fertilizer. Like common fertilizers, ARKA is rich in micronutrients that are easily absorbed by plants. Apart from providing macronutrients, it also contains several micro-nutrients and trace elements such as calcium, sulphur, iron, boron, and magnesium among others.

The presence of alkaloids kills mosquito larvae and helps in the management of diseases caring pests (like mosquitoes and ticks), termites, nematodes, and crop diseases. 

Check out the brief presentation of ARKA below:




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