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exactly five months later the first WEGANOOL™ fabric was in his hands.

One day, while looking out the window at a calotropis plant, Shankar’s inquisitive mind raised a question: "How come there are SO many sunbirds around this plant?" Five minutes later he was outside checking out the fibers, and

How it all started?

In search of bigger challenges, Shankar left his family business and started his career at a high fashion embroidery company in Chennai. Started off as an Assistant Merchandiser, he was soon handling several exclusive clients.


The clearer he saw the unsustainable parts of the industry, the harder it was to accept his contribution to it. He resigned from the job in 5 years to walk his own path. 


The real adventure began in 2015 when he established FABORG as a freelance company and got his first inquiry about hemp fabric. It opened the door to his dream of a more sustainable world.


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Shankar, Founder

Shankar hails from a centuries-old traditional weaving community in Tamil Nadu, mainly working with silk. From a very young age, dumping chemicals in the backyard just didn't feel right to him. Since establishing FABORG, in 2015, Shankar has been restlessly looking for end-to-end solutions for the artisanal textile traditions he grew up with. When he met Elen in Auroville for the first time in 2016, their respective searches for new ethical professional and life purposes happily collided with a timely shot from Cupid’s arrow.

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Elen, Co-Founder

If Shankar is the head, then Elen is the backbone of the company. She is born and raised in the young and forward-thinking country of Estonia, Europe. Before settling down in India, her dedicated and courageous spirit got shaped up in the USA, in the oldest direct-sales company. She was the sales manager and top salesperson working 15 hours per day, 6 days a week, every summer. During her first visit to India in 2015, she gave a vow to herself that all the fruits of her work shall now only go back to Mother Earth.

But the credit for Calotropis Revolution’s success goes beyond the organization. Numerous researchers have put their time and valuable effort into documenting findings and leaving breadcrumbs behind. Even forward-thinking and supportive journalists gave the needed exposure from an early stage. From 2021, the Tamil Nadu government has shown great interest and support towards many green ventures. All this allowed FABORG to put the missing puzzle pieces together and accelerate the vision of an organic future through Calotropis Revolution.


The FABORG team has put together a list of books and documentaries that have inspired, changed, and shaped their minds. The instinctive reaction to watching documentaries is to bury our heads in the sand. The more people educate themselves and take responsibility for their actions, then we can create a world where nature thrives again! Read more...

“The learner shall inherit the earth while the learned will be beautifully equipped to live in the world that no longer exists” - Eric Hoffer

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