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vegan wool

What is WEGANOOL™?

WEGANOOL™ is a 100% plant-based and chemical-free fabric made of calotropis fibers blended with regenerative organic cotton. The character and the hollow structure of the calotropis fibers are more similar to the high-quality wool than any other plant fibers. Some of the calotropis fibers are 50% finer than cashmere therefore it's gained the nickname “vegan cashmere”.

What is the difference between cashmere, merino wool, and WEGANOOL™? (hand feel, pilling, etc)?

By the look and feel, WEGANOOL™ stands out among other natural hollow fabrics- it’s lightweight, soft, and regulates body temperature according to the weather. This main character comes from its unique hollow cellulose structure which is only 10-20 microns in diameter. Merino wool fibers are 21-24 microns in diameter and cashmere 14-15 microns on average. WEGANOOL™ cellulose fibers emphasize the breathability and easy maintenance of the fabric. The wool protein fibers have scales which in turn can cause skin irritation and allergies. WEGANOOL™ fibers are like smooth veins of the plant and as a result, feel softer than any other protein fiber. WEGANOOL™ does not irritate the skin and is also antimicrobial. Wool and cashmere come from grazing animals which is the major cause of deforestation and climate change. WEGANOOL™ warms the body but cools the earth as calotropis is a perfect plant to revive barren lands and bring the forests back.

What are the important characters of WEGANOOL™ fabrics?

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Cruelty and chemical free
  • Lightweight
  • Warm as wool and maintains body temperature
  • Antimicrobial
  • Easy wash care

How much does WEGANOOL™ cost?

Please reach out for the quotation.

Where can I buy WEGANOOL™?

Satin woven 90gsm quality of WEGANOOL™ is available, subject to a minimum quantity of 100 linear meters. New fleece fabric can be pre-ordered. You can reach out through the website contact form or via email - info@faborg.in Feel free to reach out our distributor in Europe www.weganool.com

Do you plan to offer more varieties of WEGANOOL™?

Knit versions of WEGANOOL™, along with thicker woven construction are on the way.

Are WEGANOOL™ end products available?

We are welcoming inquiries from designers and companies at this stage. So far, the only commercially available products are offered by Infantium Victoria, Germany.

I would like to become a distributor!

We are welcoming new partnerships so please reach out to info@faborg.in

I am interested in the swatch of WEGANOOL™. How do I proceed?

Please reach out to info@faborg.in with a brief introduction about yourself and your brand. In India, a nominal cost of 100 INR per swatch plus courier/shipping charges are taken care of by the customer. Due to the high amount of inquiries of swatches, in Europe we are currently providing to those who meet our MOQ.

Do you have dyed fabric stock?

WEGANOOL™ are dyed based on requirements. WEGANOOL™ natural dye intake is better than many other cellulose fibers, including cotton.