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To maintain the longevity of naturally dyed garments in a sustainable manner, please follow the instructions below:

To achieve the best result wash your clothes by hand. For machine washing, use a gentle cycle at room temperature.​

Wash colors separately, particularly for the first wash.

Wash clothes inside out.

Use a pH-neutral detergent, Natural soap, or any delicate wash soap, like Amway SA8, SPAR pH-neutral liquid detergent, Genteel, Ezee, or any wool wash soap. This will ensure the longevity of the color of the garment. 

Do not bleach.


Please avoid tumble dry. If unavoidable, tumble dry at low temperatures.


Natural colors are sensitive to light. Dry your garments in the shade and keep them in the closed cupboard.

Clothes can be pressed with a warm iron or through the cloth.

Avoid contact with lemon or citrus fruits while wearing naturally dyed garments. Citric juice will act as a natural bleach on the garments.

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