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Pod Fiber

Stem Fiber


When we embarked on our research about Calotropis fibers, we encountered a realm of uncertainty due to the lack of prior studies on these fibers. However, after nearly a year of rigorous developments and in-depth analysis of numerous test results from SITRA (The South India Textile Research Association), we were astounded by the wealth of new discoveries we made.

Hollow Fibers with Unique Qualities

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) cross-section images conducted by SITRA unveiled a fascinating characteristic of both pod and stem fibers - they are hollow inside, reminiscent of well-known alpaca wool protein fibers. Remarkably, Calotropis fibers, being cellulose-based, bring a distinctive quality to the fabric, earning it an irreplaceable position in WEGANOOL™ fabric.

Smooth and Irritation-Free fibres

Calotropis fibers exhibit exceptional traits that set them apart from other fibers. Unlike cotton fibers, which possess twists on their surface, Calotropis fibers remain straight and smooth. Furthermore, these fibers lack scales found in regular wool, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience for wearers, making WEGANOOL™ a delight to wear.

Antimicrobial properties

Tests conducted on the fabrics revealed promising results in inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus (staph) bacteria. This finding is of great significance as staph bacteria, though commonly present in the body, can cause skin infections and pose clinical challenges worldwide.

Safe for extraction and human consumption

Amidst our research, a key concern emerged - the safety of daily fiber extraction and its suitability for clothing. Taking proactive steps, we implemented safety measures during the extraction process to prevent inadvertent ingestion of the sap. Cytotoxicity tests on both fabric types provided the assurance that WEGANOOL™ is genuinely safe for human usage. With a smooth and irritation-free experience, wearing WEGANOOL™ is indeed a delight, making it a truly reliable and sustainable fabric for conscious consumers.

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