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The Devanga community is descended from Devala Maharishi who is one of the most important sages in Hindu mythology. As cited by Arjuna in the Bhagavat Gita, Devala Maharishi came from the heart of Shiva to teach weaving to the world. 

According to tradition, Devala Maharishi wove the first cotton fabric and presented it to Lord Shiva, who until that time had been using animal skin. Devala Maharshi left his body in the form of a linga to be worshipped by his family. 

From young age, children in the Devanga community are told various stories about their heritage and their importance in society. Till today there are festivals in this community to celebrate their contribution in bringing the new concept of clothing to mankind.

By promoting traditional fabric making and natural dyeing methods we are hoping to restore the importance of this community that has served people for ages.

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