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One of the most irritating household insects are mosquitoes and the go-to solution for communities is fumigation. The chemical substances used in this process are dangerous to all, especially children and seniors with breathing difficulties.


Mosquitoes have evolved for millions of years, thus FABORG had to do extensive research to understand their behavior and create easy instructions for communities to follow. The Special Community Package is a tried and tested solution to achieve a mosquito-free life. 

Community Pack 10L

  • ARKA is a concentrated residue of calotropis, mixed with various ayurvedic plants. This herbal extract repels pests, boosts the growth and immunity of plants. 

  • - ARKA does not kill any insects, but only repels them.

    - ARKA is safe for kids, pets as well as helpful insects like bees, dragonflies and wasps.

    - ARKA is extremely affordable than its chemical alternatives.

    -Spraying ARKA on a large perimeter, communities can enjoy better and long-lasting pest-free effects.

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