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VEGAN WOOL fibres,  (botanical name - Calotropis, also known as Bowstring Hemp), have been used since ancient times to make clothes for children and the nobility.


But as the name indicates, when humans moved from foraging to hunting, the first bowstrings were made from this fibre. Later on, because of it's endurance in salt water VEGAN WOOL fibres became invaluable in making long-lasting fishing nets. The discovery of these durable fibres played a crucial part in human evolution.

Even though this significant fibre has been almost forgotten, in many traditional Indian families VEGAN WOOL fibres are used for making antimicrobial waist belts for new born babies.


The significance of the VEGAN WOOL plant does not stop with it's fibres only 

 - In Hindu culture, Calotropis (botanical name of the plant that produces VEGAN WOOL) flowers are offered to Shiva and Ganesha

 - In Ayurveda it has been used for its medicinal properties

 - In farming it has been used as effective bio-compost and insecticide 

 - In Auroville it is one of the flowers in The Mother's garden representing courage. 


"Whoever is courageous can give courage to others, just as the flame of one candle can light another. "

                                   - Mirra Alfassa (The Mother)    

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